What if implementing a learning culture simple?

What if implementing a learning culture simple?

Fostering a learning environment requires, a number of proven concepts in adult education, but which are ultimately quite simple to implement.

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Generations Y and Z: Your new currency is called time!

Keeping professional knowledge up to date is important. But learning costs time – and time is money. In big, hard to digest lumps. There’s another way.

The future of work

How do Swiss companies cope with the upcoming knowledge gap?

Today, the individual employee is assuming more and more strategic responsibility.

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How your company can guarantee tomorrow’s employability by changing its mindset and culture.

As you know, the work-world is ever changing, hyper agile and perhaps more uncertain than ever. It’s not surprising that the most successful organizations and their leaders are defined by their ability to learn, adapt and navigate change. However, extreme Darwinism contains several pitfalls for the modern organization, the most worrying of which is undoubtedly…
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