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I’m mobile. So is my training.

Andrea, 31: “I learn in the train on my smart­phone, where I want and when I have time. The Swiss Mobile Academy allows me to take a blended learning course with only 5 days of classroom time! The flexi­bility I expected from a training course.”

I’m the manager of tomorrow

On-the-job training:
Full-time employment possible

Modular certi­ficate:
CBSA Certi­ficate in Management

Beginning of training:
January and August

Duration of training:
3 Semesters (5 days face-to-face)

5 modules (See details in PDF)

See details in PDF (only available in french and german)

Financial Benefits

The Swiss Confe­de­ration offers financial support to those who register for the Team Leader Specialist exams with a federal certi­ficate. Have you asked your employer if he or she also provides you with support in terms of time and/or money? The training is interesting… and so are the financial condi­tions. (this website is ony available in french and german)



A manager provides quantified infor­mation and is able to interpret financial data in order to manage a fiscally respon­sible business.

Business economy

A manager links the funda­mental notions of business management with the basic principles of the macro political economy to formulate economic, social and econo­mical objec­tives in terms of organiz­a­tional results.

The first 5 modules lead to a Federal Certi­ficate in Management issued by the CBSA (Swiss Association for Executive Training).

Human Resources

We equip the manager to use modern HR tools, taking legal provi­sions into account, to ensure effective staff develo­pment.

Process Management

A manager intro­duces, deploys and optimizes processes taking into account the business situation and resources available.

Project management

The manager will be intro­duced to the basic principles of project management, learning to apply them in all phases to success­fully manage the project.

Change management

A manager knows the basic principles of change management and applies them to enable the organiz­ation to transform itself by taking into account and antici­pating the evolution of the environment.

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Perso­na­lized coaching

Social Learning

Adapted course materials

Progress plan

Reduced face-to-face training time

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