for educa­tional offers of the Swiss Mobile Academy Ltd (Zurich, 01 February 2020)


These General Terms and Condi­tions apply to all offers of the Swiss Mobile Academy Ltd (herein­after referred to as SMA or Swiss Mobile Academy) with headquarters at Clausi­us­strasse 50 in 8006 Zurich.

Regis­tration and payment of the course fee

Regis­tra­tions must be made online or in writing. Regis­tration obliges you to pay the course fee. The entire parti­ci­pation fee must be trans­ferred within 30 days of the invoice date, but no later than 10 days before the start of the course. Payment by instalments will not be accepted. The course fee must be paid in full.

Non-payment of the course fee does not constitute cancel­lation.

Federal contri­bu­tions

Within the framework of subject financing, the Swiss Confe­de­ration supports graduates of federal quali­fi­ca­tions and diplomas with federal contri­bu­tions. These are paid out directly by the Confe­de­ration to the candi­dates after they have passed the federal exami­nation. The Swiss Mobile Academy issues its participants with the certi­fi­cates required for the reclaims appli­cation.

Details can be found in the respective calls for proposals and in the leaflet on federal contri­bu­tions on our website.


For organiz­a­tional reasons, we reserve the right to postpone or merge classes, if necessary, or to change the place of perfor­mance. Should a course leader be unable to attend, the Swiss Mobile Academy is entitled to change course leaders.

Execution of the courses

In order to conduct the SMA courses under ideal condi­tions, a minimum and a maximum number of participants are defined for each learning offer. Course places will be allocated in the order in which regis­tra­tions are received (subject to timely and full payment of course fees).

Termi­nation of contract

The Swiss Mobile Academy reserves the right to exclude one or more course participants from a course for good reason: Course exclusion due to non-payment of the course fee or serious misconduct on the part of the course participants (e.g. defamation, harassment, deliberate damage to property, etc.).

If a course is excluded from the afore­men­tioned cases (the list is not exhaustive), no refund or waiver of the course fee will be made.


Each regis­tration is binding. Cancel­la­tions must be sent in writing to Swiss Mobile Academy Ltd, Clausi­us­strasse 50, 8006 Zurich. Please note that we may waive the course fees in whole or in part, depending on the time of cancel­lation. 

Since course cancel­la­tions always involve some planning and adminis­trative effort, the following regula­tions apply:

Cancel­lation time: from 29 to 8 calendar days before the start of the course

Cancel­lation fee: 50 % of the course fees

Cancel­lation time: From 7 calendar days prior to course start

Refund: No waiver or refund of course fees. The full course fee must be paid.

Unattended classroom or online lessons

Unattended classroom lessons cannot be made up for and will not be refunded, neither will unattended online lessons.

Course Confir­mation

If you wish, we can issue you with a course confir­mation or enter your course atten­dance in the education pass of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB). In both cases, however, you must have attended your course no more than one year ago. Deviating regula­tions for certi­ficate and diploma courses are expressly reserved.

Disclaimer Liability and Insurance

Any liability for any damage arising from courses and events organized by the Swiss Mobile Academy is expressly excluded. The participants themselves are solely respon­sible for ensuring adequate insurance coverage. In parti­cular, the Swiss Mobile Academy cannot accept any liability for theft or loss of objects when using the premises of third parties for classroom training.

Data protection

The Swiss Mobile Academy will process all data received from you (e.g. when regis­tering, during the course or in other circum­s­tances), or which it receives or has already received from you in connection therewith, with the utmost care and in accordance with Swiss data protection regula­tions.

Data will only be passed on to external service providers under strict contractual data protection condi­tions to external service providers in Switz­erland or, if necessary, to law enfor­cement autho­rities on the basis of statutory regula­tions.

Price or program changes

Program and price changes as well as changes of the general terms and condi­tions are reserved at any time.

Final provi­sions

For all legal relations with the Swiss Mobile Academy, Swiss law is appli­cable to the exclusion of the conflict of laws standards. Place of juris­diction is Zurich, the seat of the Swiss Mobile Academy Ltd.